ePaisay is an advanced video based marketplace, That offers many advanced tools to sell online. It allows users to sell products, services and digital assets. ePaisay supports cryptocurrencies. ePay coin will be Used on ePaisay as wallet currency to sell and buy products. ePay coin will be accepted by the sellers and buyers at ePaisay. the marketplace will use the ePay coin for most transactions to reduce transaction fees and speedy transfers.

Whitepaper Documentation

Contract Address


Audited Smart Contract

EPAY's Smart Contract is certified AAA Cyber Security Standard. EPAY Passed all the standards asked by the SolidProof(Germany)

KYC verified project

EPAY's is Owner verified Project, EPAY's Core team identity is verified with random requirments by the SolidProof(Germany)

Error free, renounced

The contract does not contain issues of high or medium criticality. Cannot be manipulated by owner functions. It's not possible to mint new tokens.

locked, Rugpull protection

Verified/Grounds for investigation include: Exit scam, Rug pulls free, Slow rug pulls free, Embezzlement of funds, any false claim or other scam.


Minimum Investment 15.00 USDT / 0.1 BNB

# Presale platform Sale Link Ending date
1 PinkSale Visit the Sale Link 14-Oct-2022



1 Total & Maximum Supply 12,000,000,000
2 Public Sale 4,500,000,000
3 Communty Bonus (Early buyers and holder) 600,000,000
4 AirDrops 200,000,000
5 Listing Fee (CEX launching Fees) 200,000,000
6 Advertising (Google, FB, Youtube) 200,000,000
7 Brand Ambassodars (Youtubers) 200,000,000
8 Development Cost (Marketplace) 260,000,000
9 Team Share 1,700,000,000
10 Presale (Estimated) 1,000,000,000

(*) ePaisay will never mint new Tokens.


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Confirm your Payment by Selecting your ePaisay Balance. You May need to top up your Account if you don't have Money In your ePaisay Wallet.*No Fees.

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Once You Done we will handle the Rest. Sellers will fulfill your order. you will Verify your order and Review it. We will then pay the Seller. *Fees Apply.

Why Choose ePay For Your Online Payments

EPAY is EVM Compatible

EPAY (BSC) is fully EVM compatible. It supports one of the most popular DeFi wallets – Metamask. Moreover, it has pre-integrated price oracles (e.g. ChainLink) which are very important for dApps of different types. With this kind of compatibility, it has become very easy for dapps owners to switch from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

Ecosystem is Exploding

At the time of writing this, Binance DEX has listed over 110 BEP-2 assets and 139 trading pairs. In addition to that, Binance Chain has pegged major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, EOS and more. This simplifies interoperability in the DeFi ecosystem.

Low Transaction Fees

When DeFi coins soared in 2021, Ethereum transaction fees hit record highs. This became a bottleneck for DeFi growth and discouraged mass participation. In comparison to Ethereum, EPAY gas fees on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are almost 20 times lower.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

The dual-chain architecture of EPAY (BSC) enables seamless transfer of assets from one blockchain to another. The cross-chain compatibility allows quick trading on the Binance Chain coupled with easy development of DApps on the Binance Smart Chain.

Proof of Staked Authority

EPAY uses Binance Smart Chain's innovative Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) algorithm wherein different validators stake BNB, known as Binance Coin – the native token of the Binance ecosystem, to secure the network.

Native Coin to ePaisay Marketplace

EPAY is the Native Coin of ePaisay Marketplace. ePaisay is an alternative selling platform that can help millions of sellers to provide an advanced marketplace to sell their products at low listing and selling fees. ePaisay offers seller-friendly tools, which can help the sellers to choose a platform to increase sales and reduce costs. Wrapping to above EPAY has a clear vision and Roadmap to a bright future.


We keep your financial information securely encrypted so you can pay online with confidence, even if you don’t know the seller.


Pay with ePay on million items of ePaisay Stores from your computer or mobile, and in apps. Send ePay to almost anyone around the world.


You can be refunded with Buyer Protection if something goes wrong. We can also refund your return shipping costs (Conditions Apply) to send something back.

ePay Features and Possibilities.

Why Invest in EPAY!

First of all, newcomers from Ethereum shouldn’t worry at all as EPAY on Binance Smart Chain is EVM compatible. Most of the popular dApps have been ported to the platform. Metamask lovers can go on using their favorite web wallet since it has full support for BNB and BEP-2 tokens.

Choose ePay at checkout

EPAY’s main purpose is to support reliable and speedy transactions. It had no infrastructure to build decentralized apps. As a second project, EPAY is launched to fill the void and featured programmable smart contracts. EPAY featured a performance upgrade that set it apart from the Ethereum network.

ePay Purchase Protection!

EPAY is based on BEP-20 a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20. It acts as a blueprint for tokens that defines tokens’ utility, how they can be spent and by whom. A BEP20 token can represent anything – from business shares to dollars in a vault, i.e. a stable coin.

Easy Money Transfer

EPAY's (BSC) Borderless DeFi means, when a BEP20 token on BSC is launched, the users must be able to move it across different chains. Interestingly, cross-chain infrastructure has been built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. The chain is inherently compatible, EPAY can easily be move around.

ePaisay's Core Team

From Whitepapers to a running project a full project, you need the great support of a professional, intelligent team. ePaisay's core team is blessed with skills and ideas which gave it a great professional boost, below given an overview of ePaisay's team.

Monis Zaidi is CEO & Founder of ePaisay, Elaan org, ePay Coin and iCouriers and Lead Software Engineer.

Monis Zaidi
CEO, Founder and Developer

Ibtisam Saif Advertsing and Marketing Director, Graduate in Film and Televison.

Ibtisam Saif
Ads & Marketing Director

Ammar Ashraf Logistics and Supply Chain Manager iCouriers, Ex International Courier Manager

Ammar Ashraf
Logistics & Supply Manager

Farhan Asim Zaidi Leade Software Enginer, Backend Developer and Advisor of ePaisay Ltd.

Farhan Asim
Specialized Software Engineer

Ali Zain Abbas ePaisay's Senior backend Software Engineer, Certified From ITIM Softwares.

Ali Zain Abbas
Senior Software Engineer

Malik Wajahat Ahmed Software Engineer, Cisco Certified. Member of DevNet Associate.

Malik Wajahat Ahmed
Networking & Database Manager

Gulraiz Zaidi Graphic and Frontend Developer, Lead Graphic Designer of ePaisay Ltd. Ex Mariner

Gulraiz Zaidi
Frontend Developer & Designer

Mateen Hiader Social Media Marketing Manager. Famous Singer with strong community Support.

Mateen Hiader
Social Media & Marketing

Syed Muhammad Ismaeel Graphic designer and frontend developer. certified from Ciklum Softwares.

Syed Muhammad Ismaeel
Graphic & Frontend Developer

Muhammad Nouman Suleman Full Stack Engineer of ePaisay. ROR, MERN Stack Engineer.

Muhammad Nouman Suleman
Full Stack Engineer

Danishullah Khan is Full stack Developer of ePaisay. Skilled programmer, Most active in team.

Danishullah Khan
Full Stack Developer

Saeed Ullah Khan is backend Develoer of ePaisay.An experienced PHP, Codeignitor, Laravel Developer.

Saeed Ullah Khan
Full Stack Developer

ePaisay a platform to buy/sell hessle Free!

ePaisay is an upcoming and alternative platform to sell/buy products online from any country, ePaisay is Feature Riched and Lowest cost marketplace. ePaisay's new simply advanced and community suggested features make it convenient to sellers and buyers. Buy any Product and Service with peace of mind and Trust. ePaisay is open for your suggestions and ideas Sign up to get and submit your suggestion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ePaisay Marketplace fully functional?

Yes, ePaisay is a fast-growing ecommerce marketplace. Its version 1.0 is fully working and functional now. You can signup to market and list your items to sell.

Where i can use ePay Coin?

ePay is a native coin to the ePaisay marketplace. You can use that coin to buy items from the ePaisay marketplace, also the coin is accepted by major exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Hotbit, and pancake swap, etc.

What is iCouriers in ePaisay.

iCouriers is an international Courier and Logistics Service. iCouriers will be the logistics solution and fulfillment for the ePaisay marketplace. iCouriers will be launched after marketplace and ePay coin's Success as a part of the ePaisay marketplace.

Why should I invest in ePaisay/ePay?

ePaisay is a registered and fast-growing marketplace. Its Seller and Buyer friendly features making it grown fast. ePaisay's Lowest selling fees allow the seller to list items at the lowest price, compared to other marketplaces. ePay is the Crypto power of the ePaisay marketplace. ePaisay is a legit long-term project, So your investment can give you well return in the future.

Contact Details

ePaisay Ltd.

Kemp House 152-160 City Road,
London, England, EC1V 2NX,


 Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

 Contact Over Social Media

Liquidity Lock/ Rug pull Protection?

ePaisay is a long-term ecommerce project which will allow millions of sellers to create stores own them and sell products, services and digitals, the EPAY is a utility token for epaisay marketplace. to ensure rug pull protection the epaisay will lock more than 50% of the raised fund for 10 Years. remaining funds will be to run the marketplace. and advertise the project. 10 Years of liquidity will protect investors from rug pull.


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ePaisay Ltd. A Little About ePaisay

ePaisay is the UK based on a private Limited company (13330271). Idea registered in 2016 by Mr. Zaidi, ePaisay's goal is to be a marketplace that offers unique and advanced features for sellers and buyers. ePaisay decided to offer selling tools that bring more sales at the lowest selling fees. ePaisay is a marketplace where anyone can sell products, digital items, and services from anywhere. ePaisay's community suggestion system makes it more friendly to users. ePaisay is always open to your ideas and suggestion to launch more user-friendly features. ePaisay is a Marketplace designed for selling and buying hassle-free. No Bullshits Only selling. ePaisay offers an account that you can trust and count as your property.